Senco GE51AXBKR-FCB 2.8 x 50mm Gas & Nail Pack Ring Galv 3300pk

SENCO 2.8 x 50mm Gas & Nail Pack 3300pk GE51AXBKR-FCB

The Senco 2.8 x 50mm Gas and Nail Pack are galvanised, round cross-section ring shank, GE ring Stripnail Nails. This product would be mainly used by trade professionals and some serious home DIY users. The nails are made from non-alloy, steel helps to give the nails extra strength and ductility. They would be used for structural timber products, including framing, sheating, subfloor, decks and trusses and pallets. Together with the nails, fuel cells (included in this set) and the correct gas framing nailer you should be set to go. Supplied as a single unit including 1x Gas & Nail Pack 2.8 x 50mm Ring Class 2 and 3x Gas Fuel cell.

Features and Benefits:

  • Galvanised coating – increases the life and reliability.
  • Construction class 2 - Indoors not heated, Outdoors protected.
  • Gas fuels cells – In the job replacements, for a longer lasting job.

Technical Specification:

Coating: 12 micron.
Ring Class: 2.
Length: 50 mm.
Fastener Type: Stripnails.
Fastener Length: 50-50 mm.
Fastener Head: Clipped Head.
Point Type: Diamond.
Shank Type Fastener: Ring Shank.
Max Strip Length: 199,11 mm.
Nominal Diameter: 2.87 mm.
Amount Fasteners on Strip/Coil: 29-31 Pcs.
Collation Angle: 34º.
Wire Material: Galvanised 12 Micron/Extra Heavy Electro.
Finish: Sencoted.
Eurocode-5 EN-1995

Supplied With:

1x SENCO Gas & Nail Pack 2.8 x 50mm 3300pk.
3x Gas Fuel Cells