MAKITA GA4530R 240v Angle grinder - 4.1/2" (115mm)

The MAKITA GA4530R 240v Angle grinder - 4.1/2" (115mm) has the following features:

  • 720 Watt
  • Single speed
  • Anti restart function

An introduction to angle grindersAngle grinders have a wide variety of uses amongst, for example, engineers, stone masons, welders, bricklayers & scaffolders. The grinding disc is mounted on a head which sits at right angles to the motor's drive shaft. They are occasionally referred to as disc or side grinders. Cordless angle grinders are concentrated at the smaller disc diameter end of this range. Click here to see all our grinders

To choose between angle grinders: Disc diameter is the key choice to make when selecting an angle grinder. They range in disc diameter size from 4" (100mm) - 9" (230mm) with the 4.1/2" (115mm) & 9" (230mm) grinders being the most popular choices. Smaller grinders rotate the discs at a higher speed. 4.1/2" is one of the most popular disc diameter choices. Click here to see all our angle grinders

To make sure you've got the right angle grinder - 4.1/2" (115mm)Choosing your power source: 240v tools are used with normal mains power whilst 110v tools are used on construction sites for safety reasons.