Makita DLS714NZ 36V Twin 18V Slide Compound Mitre Saw

Makita DLS714NZ Twin 18v Cordless Brushless Slide Compound 190mm Mitre Saw Body Only

The newest brushless tool in the Makita range, the cordless Slide Compound Mitre Saw DLS714, is powered by 2x 18v Li-ion batteries to supply enough energy to the powerful 36v DC Brushless motor drive system. By using the high powered 36v DC Brushless motor, it enables the user to achieve a cut as fast as if you were using a corded slide compound mitre saw. With its lightweight design, not only does it take up less space when in use, it can easily be transferred from job-site to job-site with no issues.

Makita offer a new feature to make this Mitre Saw stand out even more - Automatic Torque Drive. This allows the machine to automatically change the cutting speed according to the load condition, giving the user the best cut at the best operational speed possible.


  • Automatic Torque Drive automatically changes the cutting speed according to load condition for optimum operation (ie high speed rotation mode for light duties, high torque mode for heavy duties)
  • Double slide mechanism - 4 self-lubricating linear ball bearings are used for smooth and precise cutting
  • Easy to Grip handle with anti-slip elastomer surface provides sure but comfortable grip for easy job site portability
  • Lightweight and compact - The double sliding mechanism makes it lighter and more compact, requiring less work space and allowing quick storing and easy transport to job-sites
  • LED indicator panel for battery fuel and indication of automatic speed control
  • Soft start to minimize start-up shock and makes the tool start smoothly
  • Electric brake stops the blade gently but fast, allowing users to quickly resume operation
  • Dust bag provided for dust collecting
  • Powered by two 18v Li-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system
  • Brushless motor
  • Soft start
  • Equipped with Battery protection circuit: designed to protect the battery from damages due to over-discharge, high temperature or overload current
  • Cuts up to 300mm in a single pass


  • Voltage: 18v + 18v (36v)
  • Battery Type: LXT Lithium-Ion
  • Blade Diameter: 190 mm
  • Blade Body Thickness: 1.3 mm - 2.0 mm
  • Bore (Arbor) Diameter: 20 mm
  • Max. Mitre Angle: Left 47° / Right 57°
  • Max. Bevel Angle: Left 45° / Right 5°
  • No Load Speed: 5,700 rpm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 655 mm x 430 mm x 445 mm
  • Net Weight (inc Battery): 13.5 kg


Mitre Angle Bevel Angle
45° (left) 5° (right)
40 mm x 300 mm 52 mm x 300 mm 40 mm x 300 mm
45 mm x 265 mm (¹) 60 mm x 265 mm (¹)
45° (left and right) 40 mm x 212 mm 52 mm x 212 mm
45 mm x 185 mm (²) 60 mm x 185 mm (²)
57° (right) 52 mm x 163 mm
60 mm x 145 mm (³)

¹ Max. Cutting capacity when using a wood facing 20 mm thickness
² Max. Cutting capacity when using a wood facing 15 mm thickness
³ Max. Cutting capacity when using a wood facing 10 mm thickness


  • Noise Sound Pressure: 88 dB(A)
  • Noise Sound Power: 97 dB(A)
  • Noise K Factor: 3 dB(A)
  • Vibration K Factor: 1.5 m/sec²