Makita 7.2V Second Fix Gas Nailer GF600SE


  • Tool-less nail jam clearing.
  • Soft nose tip used to prevent marking the workpiece. Notched to help with alignment for accurate nailing.
  • Misfire inhibitor plate for smaller length nails.
  • Magazine window for easy confirmation on nail size in magazine.
  • Dual position hook convenient for hanging machine on rafters etc.
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Depth adjustable
  • Uses 7.2V Li-ion battery as power source for ignition spark, gas mixing, air intake/exhaust and supply of cooling air.


Battery Type - Li-ion
Battery Ah- 1.0 Ah
Charging Time -30 min
Voltage -7.2 v
Nail Length/Gauge- 15-64mm/16Ga
Work amount on a single battery charge- 4,000 shots
Work amount per fuel cell- 1,000 shots
Magazine Capacity- 100
Vibration K factor-  1.5 m/sec²
Vibration - 3.5 m/sec²
Net weight-  2.2 kg