Bahco 8224 10" Slip Joint Pliers

Bahco 8224 Slip Joint Pliers 250mm

These Slip Joint Pliers are made from high performance alloy steel and manufactured to ISO 8976. Equipped with a single thumb button adjustment to change easily between sizes. ERGO™ handles in 2-component combination, thermoplastic surface, for comfortable grip, on tough polypropylene core for rigidity.


  • Hardened jaws
  • Teeth designed to ensure grip
  • Developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Chrome plated, anti-corrosion treated
  • Made from alloy steel


  • ISO 8976
  • Weight: 350g
  • Length: 250mm
  • Diameter A: 250mm
  • Diameter B: 40mm
  • Diameter C: 51mm
  • Diameter D: 8mm
  • Diameter E: 6mm
  • Diameter F: 8mm